High quality products that come with a warranty and support

Martens has a heart of wood. One that skips a beat in the presence of quality and craftsmanship. A perfect partner for Solid John, which shares its values and drive: to help and support trade professionals to deliver excellent work.   

“Solid John products are high quality and do exactly what they promise. As a partner, we can also really count on the Solid John team. Solid John is not a supplier; it is a true business partner.”

Dirk Roelants – Martens Wood

How do we make a difference as your partner?

You have positioned yourselves in the market with a clear vision and a long-term strategy. In terms of your pricing policy, for example, you very clearly go for stability rather than cutting rates all the time. This allows us to confidently promote your products to our customers. Fortunately, they need very little persuasion to go for Solid John. 

What made you decide to use our products?

You supply high-quality products that come with a warranty and support. We know that that is precisely what makes true professionals in the trade happy. We have also noticed that the products have been developed for specific applications. Instead of seeing products artificially pushed into the market, we get products that really meet the market’s needs.

How would you describe Solid John in 3 words?

Works a treat ☺

What evolution do you think will have the biggest impact on the industry in the next 3 years?

Unfortunately, we will be facing more and more shortages of raw materials. Bearing in mind the law of supply and demand, we know what is coming for some countries and regions. You can see that the industry is making efforts to think more sustainably and ecologically (cradle to cradle, recycling, upcycling, etc.), but reality is catching up with us. We will all have to step up our game and use our raw materials in a smarter way. I’m also a little concerned about rising transport costs, but of course we remain positive. We as humans are creative enough to find solutions. We always have done so far.

Thank you for your time and for sharing your vision with us, Dirk.

My pleasure.

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