Transparancy Guarantee

What does guarantee mean for you? A guarantee policy applies to virtually all of the products that we encounter every day – the only thing is, we generally don´t know exactly how. A transparent guarantee is Solid John´s hobbyhorse. We offer you a “guaranteed concrete plex” and it’s covered by a concrete “guarantee”. Below you can become acquainted with the Solid John guarantee policy.

10-year guarantee on:

  • Permanent moisture pressure for 10 years.
    (For example: Throughout a home´s service life, the cavity overbridging remains subject to moisture pressure from the cavity)
  • All moisture & water pressure during the normal installation period

What falls under the Solid John guarantee?

  • The Solid John material (guaranteed concrete plex and hybrid polymer)
  • Installation of a new roof waterproofing system – roof edging – roof floor
  • Consequential loss due to rotting, swelling or delamination of the sheet

No guarantee on: 

  • Detachment of the sheet due to poor installation*
  • Sheet that lies constantly in water due to a long-term leak in the roof sealant

*installation that is not in accordance with European standardisation and BBRI recommendations.


Discover our warranty policy here.

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